Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance as payment?

Currently our services are private-pay only. Please contact us for more information.

What must be met for FDA approval?

  • Tissue must be minimally manipulated
  • Is intended for homologous use
  • Must not be combined with a drug and/or devices

What kind of clinical success has been seen using injectable methods?

Plantar fasciitis, epicondylitis, tendonitis of biceps and triceps, ACL joint inflammation, ACL and MCL tears, Facet Osteorthritis, Post-op pain (orthopedic surgeries and spine), muscle atrophy, neuropathy, nerve pain.


Why do you require prepayment before my appointment?

The majority of the cost you pay for treatment does come from the cost of the products. The products are very expensive and arrive frozen at -80 degrees celsius and must be used within the time frame of your appointment. If an appointment is missed the products can thaw and have to be destroyed. We order product as required on a per patient basis. We do not store product.


Why do you require medical records?

Our #1 goal at our facilities is patient safety and patient transparency. When you come onboard with us we start a chart for you at our clinic and have our MD review your file. There is no cost to this and it is integral in insuring you are fit for any procedures. At times, our MD may also order you certain tests like CBP, or a CMP.


How do the tissues used work?

-The tissues are rich with all required components for the growth of new tissue and act as a catalyst for the regeneration.  Please contact us for more information. 

Where do you get the amniotic tissue from?

Allograft tissue is derived from amniotic membrane and fluid. Placental tissue is donated by healthy mothers during their scheduled caesarean section. Expectant mothers submit their past medical history and a detail risk assessment is performed. The decision and approval of donation is vetted by the Medical Director.

May I still do a procedure if I am a healthy individual?

Yes. Contact us to find out how and why.

Are these products for everybody?

Simply put the answer is no. The products and procedures do have limitations-and not for everyone. As medically licensed practitioners it is our duty to properly inform our patients of this. Please contact us for further information and to see if you’re a candidate!