Live cell therapy for hip joints

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Live cell therapy can be used to treat common degenerative conditions of the hip joints. In fact, live cell therapy for hip joints is one of the most common applications of this modern medical ability.

Our bodies are composed of billions of specialist cells which make up our organs, muscles, joints, bones and virtually everything else. Cells are constantly going through a cycle of degeneration and regeneration – as our older cells die, new ones are created from live cells to take their place.

When your hip joint – or any joint, tissue, muscle or ligament – suffers an injury, these cells degenerate at a much quicker pace than they regenerate. This results in weakness, pain and a loss of function.

Live cell therapy for hip joints utilises modern techniques which have been curated by the NeoGen clinic to utilise live cellular therapy and place them in and or around injured tissue, exactly where they are needed, to promote the healing and regeneration process.

Live cells act as cushioning and lubricating agents with regenerative properties. Once cells are applied into tissue, ligaments, tendons and joints, these can have a significantly positive outcome, acting as a catalyst to the body’s natural repair process. Our procedures are non-surgical and are as non-invasive as possible.

Typically, procedures take no more than sixty to ninety minutes, and may act as an alternative to surgery. Another major benefit of regenerative live cell therapy is that it requires no recovery time.

NeoGen provides the best live cell therapy in Arizona and we are proud to be the state’s number one regenerative medicine clinic. If you are suffering from hip pain or any other condition which could benefit from treatment by NeoGen, get in touch with our center today.

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