Regenerative cell therapy for knees

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Chronic knee conditions are one of the most commonly reported medical conditions in the U.S., with millions of patients suffering from these orthopaedic pains and their complications.

Regenerative live cell therapy is a modern solution to not just knee pain, but many orthopaedic, degenerative and neurological conditions. Live cell treatment for knees is a simple and straightforward process which may even avoid the need for invasive surgery.

Regenerative live cell therapy for kneesRegenerative cell therapy uses live cells – cells which are self-renewing – to assist the body in regenerating and repairing lost muscle, tissue, bones and joints. By using minimally manipulated amniotic fluid, we may be able to help you fight a vast range of degenerative conditions by re-injecting these live cells right where they are needed in your body, such as in the knee.

Minimally manipulated amniotic fluid possess anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and regenerative properties that make it attractive for use in clinical applications.

NeoGen clinic is the very best live cell treatment center in Arizona, and all treatments take place at our state-of-the-art regenerative medical centre. Live cell treatment for knees can be performed very quickly – often over the course of one hour – and you can go about your normal day-to-day life afterwards; there is no need for rest or recovery.

Regenerative tissue therapy is rapidly evolving, and NeoGen is proud to be helping our patients access this modern medical treatment which has the capacity to improve lives. If you believe you may benefit from live cell therapy at our Arizona-based clinic, get in touch with our team today and take your next step towards recovery.

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