Listen to our patient experiences 

With Regenerative Cell Therapy


Amanda’s continued treatment at Neogen Clinics in Scottsdale Arizona


Bonnie comes in and shares her experience post treatment for PLC – Primary Lateral Sclerosis (Motor Neuron Disease).


Amanda, comes back and speaks with Dr. Moschonas on her incredible bounce back from lyme disease under the guidance of Dr. Moschonas at the NeoGen Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Joan comes back and talks to us after treatment for CMT – Charcot Marie Tooth (Inherited Neurological Disorder).

Stroke Patient

Our patient suffered a severe stroke with hemiparesis of the left side. Doctors operated on her to save her life and cranial bone was re-inserted a couple months later. This particular patient was left blind, unable to use her arm or leg, and needed a feeding tube. Six months post incident, the patient travelled to us for treatment. Over the course of 3 months and 4 treatments with us, she was able to reverse the effects as the video shows.