What is regenerative cell therapy?

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Regenerative cell therapy is a modern treatment which can be used to treat a vast range of orthopaedic injuries, degenerative conditions and neurological disorders. NeoGen’s procedures are some of the country’s most advanced treatments for helping treat injuries which would have once required invasive, lengthy and expensive surgery.

The NeoGen clinic is the best center for live cell and regenerative therapy in Arizona, using cutting-edge research and technology to provide quick, simple solutions for our patients some who have suffered from a wide range of medical problems, including arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

Regenerative cell therapy uses live cells – clever self-renewing cells found in amniotic fluid – which lubricate, cushion and provide the protection necessary required in helping regenerate the body’s tissues, muscles, joints and bones. Using minimally manipulated amniotic fluid, the product we use is a human allograft comprised of rich nutrients and components intended for homologous use.

Best of all, all treatments take place right at our regenerative medicine center based in Scottsdale, Arizona and are typically completed over the course of one morning or afternoon, and you can expect to continue with your life as normal afterwards; there are no lengthy recovery or rest periods needed with live cell therapy.

This is a field of medicine which is rapidly evolving, and we are proud to be giving our patients a fair chance in healing quicker and more naturally.

If you are suffering from painful orthopaedic conditions, you may benefit from regenerative cell therapy treatment. Get in touch with Neogen today – the best regenerative medicine clinic in Arizona!

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