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The NeoGen Clinics team in Arizona are experts in providing a comprehensive range of treatments for orthopaedic injuries and long-term conditions such as arthritis.

With access to some of the country’s most advanced medical equipment and specially curated treatment plans, we can dramatically speed up the healing process and treat a wide range of different injuries, pains and conditions within our clinic. NeoGen specializes in offering modern, non-invasive treatments, and our expert team of NeoGen clinicians work closely to ensure our patients have access to the best possible treatments.

NeoGen is Arizona’s number one regenerative medicine center. We are pioneers in the field of regenerative cell therapy and offer a range of treatments to suit any and all orthopaedic conditions, injuries and other degenerative illnesses such as –

Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Tissue regeneration therapy is a procedure trusted by many professional athletes and is held in high regard throughout the field of sports medicine. NeoGen aims to extend this high-level treatment to our patients, using exactly the same technologies and treatment plans available to some of the country’s most loved sportspeople.

Cutting Edge Regenerative Live Cell Therapy

With application to the knees, hip joints and shoulders, regenerative live cell therapy uses self-renewing cells – live cells – that are derived from minimally manipulated amniotic fluid to regenerate a variety of tissue. This is a very modern and quickly-evolving field of medicine which is helping thousands of people heal quicker, more naturally and in some instances have helped avoid invasive and complicated surgical procedures.

Neurological Disorders Treatment

Lots of common neurological diseases can be treated with the use of live cells, too. Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s and even Migraines are just a few of many neurological conditions for which supportive care can be provided by live cellular therapy. This supportive care can, if administered early enough, slow down these neurological diseases and prevent them from becoming worse.

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